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University Scholarship Program

This is a new program starting in the fall of 2012. The government of Ecuador has made progress in educational reform the last few years. One of the changes has been that the cost of attending a university is almost free. Students are not charged tuition so they only need to pay for room and board, food and the cost of using the internet. Unfortunately, for many of the students graduating from the mission school, the cost of these items is prohibitively expensive. Therefore, most graduates of the mission high school get low paying jobs instead of attending college.

Our scholarship program will help graduates with the highest grades and who are most in need of financial assistance. For roughly $250 a month, we will send students to college. Once their degree is earned, students will enter the ranks of the “professional” class and be able to get steady jobs with a salary, not day-labor jobs as most of their parents. This means that through these scholarships these young people will be able to break the continuation of poverty that has affected their families for generations.




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