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Scholarship Program

Who we help:

We provide full and half-scholarships to poor students and their families. These families are usually the poorest of the region and would not send their children to school if it were not for the mission school. By poor, we mean that these families do not always have enough food to eat.  As you can see from the videos, parents and grandparents would rather have their children at home to help care for their families or work on their farms rather than send them to the very low-quality public schools. Some of these children travel 90 minutes each way to attend school.

What we do:

Dedicated to education, Mission Santa Maria provides scholarships for these children to attend school and hope for a better life. Our scholarships are based on need and high academic standards. Therefore, many of the children on scholarship are the top students in the school. With an opportunity to change their economic situation, these children and their families are very motivated to study and maintain their academic standing.

It is often a moving experience to talk to these families. Many of the parents did not attend school and cannot read or help their children with their homework. They believe their children will only have a better life through education.

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