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A short story from the children you help

Thank you for enabling us to help these children!

Carlitos and Carlita with Caroline[/caption]

Carlitos is in my class at school and is 4.5, while his sister Carlita is about 1.5 yrs old. In the afternoons I often see Carlitos stop what he is doing when his sister comes outside with her missionary, and run over to take her hand and walk around with her. I was asking a missionary about this and she told me for the first month that they were here they were inseparable. He would NOT leave her side, and she would follow him around like a little duckling. She said I should have seen the way he, at 4.5 years old, would carry her around and feed her. A 1.5 yr old baby who was only a little smaller than he was.

Turns out before arriving, he was completely responsible for her well being and survival. He had the full responsibility of caring for her, and feeding her, and making sure she was growing up with love. The missionary told me, that after about a month he started to realize that she was being well cared for by the missionaries, and that he didn’t need to take on that responsibility. She said it was like one day a weight had just been lifted from his shoulders and he could play and run around and be a little kid. Though he still runs to her, and loves her, and sometimes cares for her on the playground, he is now able to be a little kid. But what a showcasing of love and the natural instincts of siblings to take care of each other that a 4.5 year old would sacrifice everything to care for his little sister.

Story provided by Caroline